Yakutia is fascinating!.. Especially when seen by GoPro and Drones!

Yakutian horse (Wikipedia) is a native breed in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia’s Siberia. They are perfectly adopted to the extreme cold conditions. They don’t spend winter days indoor. They are always outdoor searching food (grasses) under snow themselve.

Horse breeders’ responsibility is to protect them from wolves and take care of them. If horses couldn’t find enough grass under icy snow, breeders lead them to the field rich of soft snow and grasses. If some of animals have weight out of standard, they are kept in the breeding farm and fed seperately. Regularly, horses should be cleaned from ices.

Much work to do actually. Horse breeders need to live constantly — all the year around — close to horses out in the wilderness.

Further, please, see Maria Vasilieva‘s recent winter photo report on Yakutian horse breeders working in Yakutsk’s neighboring district.

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Technological Faculties Building, Campus — there are 15 people in the lecture room where each person has a unique role: she or he is a country. Yes, the country and they need to not just imitate their policies, but to find a consensus and sign an agreement «Danger of Decreasing of Arctic Flora and Fauna». Actually, they signed it with 11 bulletins in it and with signatures already.
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When the Sky and the Lena River meet each other in Yakutia…

An amazing time lapse video created by Viktor Gabyshev. He’s a biologist and tends to spend summers in long rafting expeditions in remote wilderness across the vast territory of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia’s Siberia.

The last summer was expedition free. So, he decided to devote weekends to camping on the western bank of the Lena River in Tabaga and Kangalassy areas, 1 hr off Yakutsk.

I live in Yakutsk myself from my birth and I know that our Siberian river is awesome. Nevertheless, I was stunned and enchanted, when I watched that video.

The Sky is so close to the land. Clouds slide over mirror-like waters. Northern lights flirt with the river. And bright stars jump around. Splended.

Enjoy and feel free to subscribe Viktor’s YouTube channel

Wish to camp on the Lena River? Let us know via VisitYakutia.com.


The Sakha Republic (Yakutia), the biggest Russian region in North-East Siberia & the Far East, is the perfect place for OFF-ROADING competitions among the strongest, fasters cars in the world.

Well, maybe, not in the whole world, but Yakutia with its chilling terrains definitely challenge every driver who wants to feel craziness and experience the huge doze of adrenalines.

June 12-14, 2014, the capital of the Sakha Republic, Yakutsk, hosted its 5th annual regional trophy raid championship. Officially, it’s called Samurai Trophy.

Don’t pay much attention to its Japanese-style name. You know, Siberian drivers feel themselve as real warriors in the deep forest. They can go through all terrains on the way like samurai’s sharpest sword through any wooden obstacles.

See now photos. Not so many, but it will give a great insight into what’s going on around Yakutsk, Russia.

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