Kolyma Highway Travel Map + Short Guide

The Kolyma Highway (known also as the federal automobile highway ‘Kolyma’ and the Road of Bones) connects Yakutsk and Magadan.

— 2032 km (through Ust-Nera)
— 1197 km (by the old roadway via Tomtor near the Pole of Cold).

Item details:

— PDF, 7 pages, A4, 17 Mb.
— In English.
— Available maps for…

(1) Republic of Sakha (with the Kolyma Highway),
(2) Yakutsk,
(3) Nizhnyj Bestyakh — Churapcha,
(4) Churapcha — Khandyga — Razvilka,
(5) Kyubyume — the Pole of Cold, Tomtor — the border of the Magadan Oblast,
(6) Kyubyume — Ust-Nera — the border of the Magadan Oblast.

— Information on distances, marks for petrol/gas stations, tyre repair stations, car repair garages, pharmacy, hotels, cafes, airports, river ports, etc.


Kolyma Highway Short Guide

Item detals:

— a PDF file, A4, 43.7 kb.
— Information on:

1. time to drive,
2. best and worst periods to drive,
3. settlements and places to pass,
4. security measures,
5. road conditions in summer and winter,
6. rivers crossing tips and info,
7. ice roads descriptions,
8. etc.

Quick info: The road via Ust-Nera is maintained and passable all year around. In Ust-Nera travelers tend to stay for night in so-called truckers’ guest house. No reservation is needed, but recommended. In winter Ust-Nera is the only option, as the part Tomtor — Magadan Oblast is abandoned, not used at all, no tracks and remains under the thick snow cover.

Two PDF files are included in one eyakutia_product_01.zip file. The total size is ~17 Mb.


The above described Kolyma Highway (Road of Bones) travel guide map is already not available.

Instead, we offer 18 files of the maps on the route Yakutsk — Khandyga — Kyubeme — Tomtor (old summer route) — Susuman — Yagodnoe (east road to Magadan) — Ust Omchug (west road to Magadan). High resolution (1:200 000). JPG format.

Files are available at request only.

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