HULU PROJECT [ TranceSiberia ]

Shaman music of Siberia meets Western Club Music

No.3 at World Music Charts Europe 2001
Nominated «Best of WMCE 2001»

Intensive interpretation of shamanistic singing from Sakha (Siberia), combined with todays western club-culture | from tradtional and mystic essays, ritualistic ceremonies to modern urban forms .. with shamanistic singer Stepanida Borisova from Siberia.


«It’s mystical, it’s modern, it’s low beat danceable, it sounds sacred and at the same time sounds urban…. it’s great!!!» (DJ Tonyy Sao Paulo).

«The music of Sakha (Yakutia) originates 3000 Years before Christ. It has relations with Sankrit music from India , which is thought of as one of the earliest musics of this earth.» (P. Amrod/N.Y.C.)

«THROAT SONGS OF THE SIBERIAN SHAMAN — This is a unique opportunity to gain some insight into this ancient and powerful means of vocal expression and to receive training from a performer of renown in both the folk and theatre worlds.» THROA


Stepanida Borisova (Sakha/Siberia) voice
Hubl Greiner (Germany) compositions, drums, sampling, percussion
Luigi Archetti (Italy/Switzerland) compositions, guitars, guitar-effects

Guest musicians
Eric Babak sampling
Tunji Beier percussion, kendan, jews harp
Anton Bruhin jews harp
DJ Rebel turntables
Jens Volk bass
Dandarvaaching Enkhjargal khootschirr, voice
Rüdiger Oppermann oppertronic electric harp, african harp
Ewald Hügle sopran sax
Paul Amrod string arrangements
Misha Maltsev nature-sounds from Taiga, Martin Redlitz didgeridoo
Harry Raiser translator

As for Stepanida as well as for the Hulu Project tradition does not mean static conservation. It can as well encompass modern tendencies in music. Both the Hulu Project and she are looking for this type of integration into their music. And therefore so it is with the CD «TranceSiberia». It was brought together from Hubl Greiner and Luigi Archetti.


These two musicians are known through other projects for testing the validity of border-setting in music. Luigi Archetti has played with, to name a few, TIERE DER NACHT, LOW TIDE DIGITALS and the Swiss Jazz legend WERNER LÜDI while Hubl Greiner was the drummer and producer with the German band THE BLECH and he has as well produced many acts and artists. To name a few Hubl Greiner has produced the Czech violinist and singer IVA BITTOVA, the Swiss band THE JELLYFISH KISS and the Austrian band DIE KNÖDEL.


We are now witnessing a renaissance of tradtional art forms. These include Africa, Latin America, and Asia. This is of high essential cultural importance, not only there but also here in Europe. The collaboration between Stepanida Borisova and the Hulu Project encompasses of broad spectrum from tradtional and mystic essays as well as ritualistic ceremonies to modern urban forms. They combine a rainbow of normally conflicting elements, native tradition and globalization. With these much constrasting worlds being blended with its inherent possibilities for conflicts in styles and philosophy they have reached fruitful horizons far beyond the expected limitations.

The questions of the distance between present and tradition, between authenticity and outside collectiveness, between individualism and collectionism were of the highest importance for the project. Hulu Project and Stepanida Borisova have developed a valid music that is in the thicket between new and ethnical music, between serious and popular music, and as well they have found an individualistic direction between all of today’s existing styles including to name a few, Jazz, Rock, Art music, and World music.


Originally the songs of Yakutia were rendered to the edge of trance, and were sung in rituals as well to contact spirits or to contact the invisible world. In the heart of their performance there is voice and percussion but as well string instruments like the zither, rattles and the jewish harp.

The Yakutians see themselves as the last representation of a culture that is Pantheistic where there exists no difference between magic, music, culture, and nature. In the old dictionary of the culture there are no words even dividing these categories. Music is still described as a realistic chaos in which sounds and movements are to enter the human soul.

Text by Hubl Greiner. Parts of the text are written by Matthias Osterwold and Johannes Odenthal for the festival «Stimmen des Nordens — Spuren der Schamanen» (Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Freunde Guter Musik Berlin e.V. 1999). Translated into english by Paul Amrod.

LYRICS of TranceSiberia

Thoughts of a Woman
Dvakhtar sanaata

text: Nataljia Kharlamp’eva

I am the fire. I am a star on the dark sky, I am the bonfire on the edge of the forest,I am the fire which burns in the oven.I , the warmth, I come from beyond,  these talents I received from Nature herself. I am the fire. My soul and fire are as one. Secretive and even at times dark. When I wish I bring the ice to melt. And if you speak to me roughly I will transform your words to laughing. I can change a cold-hearted soul  into a kind and compassionate one. Howeve°r if you insult me I will become ashes and only a smile can bring me to reconciliation.


There is a Sad Rain above the City
Kuorakka kurus ardakh

text: Nataljia Kharlamp’eva

Once there lived a younger lady in this city.She resembled the dreary Autumn rain. She had character and was proud and never afraid of challenges. She knew no fears. Sometimes she was sad and hid it from no one. She’d go with her back bent walking through the rainy city. Sometimes she was wonderfully joyful and wrote gorgious poems. But still one day she left her city forever. Since then the sad rains torment me and there are no longer any stories which she could tell me.


I Will Recognize a Soul Partner
Serejuem ajmakhtyy duuhany

text: Nsataljia Kharlamp’eva

I can feel a related soul immediately.It is enough to have a friendly smile and I recognize that I’m related with this human being. When you speak I can even recognize a soul partner through longwinded conversation and I offer my hand.We would understand eachh other suddendly and it will become light around us.


A Pleeding Song
Aar tataj ogoloor

text: Nataljia Kharlamp’eva

As one can see  the Nature is doing poorly. The forest are loosing many trees, the seas and lakeare emptied form their fish. Mankind doesn’t treat nature well. The spirits of the woods and lakes are dissapointed from mankind and are enemies with each other. The human being only thinks of money. They have become weak as well and break apart from the smallest things. I will tell you all honestly that I hope mÞy pleeding song reaches the omnipotent. Who understands he will decipher, who shall look ,shall see, and who wishes to listen ,will hear.


You won’t feel it Coming

text: Nataljia Kharlamp’eva

You don’t feel how from day to day and from hour to hour that you are loosing me.Unwaringly and slowly I distant myself ,always further from you. With me goes my smile and my voice far beyond in the Distance.


When You Come to Me
En kellergin

text: Anna Parnikova

You have a horse. When you come on him riding so I will lean myself on his mane and come in happiness that you have arrived. Whips, that you left fall in the snow I will stroke with my fingers. You say Hello and I pretend as if I don’t hear.I prepare you a lunch and hold my breathe while you eat. When you go my look follows yearningly your shoulders. And when I hear the hoofs of the horse as they gallop away I sratch the ice on the window.


Song of Parting

text: Platon Ojuunuskaj

In the abscence of her husband a woman lived for six months with another man.Now it is time to part from one another. My friend, we have spent six months together and in your travels perchance you’re here, don’t walk by my house but come in and be my guest. You have your own house, go home, and I wish yioou all the best.


Be happy!

text: Nataljia Kharlamp’eva

A Hug in Autumn

Late love. A woman reminds herself of her lover’s kiss.The odor of the trees reminds her of the taste of his lips.Late love, secret love.


Shaman Song
Udagan yryta

text: trad.

The personal spirit of a man is being summoned. Butter and kumys are offered to burn in sacrifice.The Shamanin says eat it fire, eat it up, the ritual can begin.



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