Miss Virtual Yakutia 2010: All participants’ photos published

Aytalina Smirnova, a Miss Virtual Yakutia online beauty contest participant

The Miss Virtual Yakutia 2010 executive committee announced that all participants’ porfolio photographs have been published on the official website of Yakutia’s online beauty contest. 137 young ladies of 15 republic regions will fight for the best lady’s crown. Official online voting will start on Feb. 2 and end on Feb. 5.

Here are the portraits of currently popular contenders.

Aytalina Smirnova. Photo #2

Aytalina Smirnova. Photo #3

Olga Gulyaeva. Photo #01

Olga Gulyaeva. Photo #02

Lena Semenova. Photo #01

Lena Semenova. Photo #02

More portraits can be seen at http://www.missvirtualyakutia.com/ (for international visitors) or http://miss.ykt.ru/ (for Yakutsk-based).

The winner of the 2010 Miss Virtual Yakutia online beauty contest is Veronika Vysokikh.

4 Comments on “Miss Virtual Yakutia 2010: All participants’ photos published

  1. I’m amazed that there are so many absolute beauties in Yakutia! So many wonderful faces. If I were younger I would move there at once! :-)
    If I could vote… I could not decide one over another. They are awesome, all of them. Perhaps No. 10, Marina Sokolova, is the top, but it’s hard to unselect the others… Cheers and good luck, all of you! /Olle from Sweden

  2. Sorry, I got Marina’s family name wrong. Sorokina. Moderator, please correct it in my post. Thank you.

  3. Mrs Aytalina Smirnova is stunningly beautiful, I hope she wins!

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