The New Year Holidays are over!

Dec. 27th, 2009. Ordzhanikidze Sq. Yakutsk, Yakutia/Siberia. Photo by Bolot.

The NY holidays in Yakutia seem to be the same as in the whole Russia. 10 work free days. People tend to take advantages of all these rest days and do what they feel to do.

Some prefer to travel within the country or abroad. The last tendency is making journeys to warm parts of the world. South-East Asia is currently the most favorite destination. China is a leader. Thailand is close on the heels. That is why local blogs hosted at appeared to be full of travel photo reports. So, China and Thailand, don’t be surprised, when you see many Russian-speaking Asians on your sides. They are from Yakutia! :)

Many, especially young people and singles, tend to hang out with friends. Family men, like me, spend much time with their families. These days turned out to be busy to theaters, cinema & balling centers, a circus, restaurants, clubs, and so on and so on.

The funniest thing is that streets on the NY holidays look as empty and foggy as in the above-pinned picture. That’s Yakutia’s peculiarity! :)

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