Promo Posters: Miss Virtual Yakutia 2010

Olesya Malevanik, a Miss Virtual Yakutia 2009 finalist (left), Anastasia Sanitarova, Vice-Miss Virtual Yakutia 2009 (right).

This is the Pavlov & Pavlov creative studio’s promo posters for the online beauty contest «Miss Virtual Yakutia 2010», that started officially on Novermber 27th, 2009. The final «battle» will take place on March 6th, 2010. The motto of this year’s online beauty pageant is «The Battle for the Crown!»

What is Miss Virtual Yakutia?

Regularity: Annual event conducted by SakhaInternet Ltd. and Ona Plus Women Newspaper since 1999.
Condition: Any young lady living in Yakutia may participate in the contest. She needs only to pick best pictures with herself and send them to the executive committee. Site visitors will decide whether they like her (by giving votes to her) or not.
URL: (for Yakutsk Internet users only) & (for international Internet users).

More posts related to the Miss Virtual Yakutia online beauty contest, are coming. Stay tuned.

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