Schoolkids may stay at home. Cold.

Kids are ready to play outdoors, when it is even extremely cold

Today the temp in Yakutsk went down almost to -45C. Immediately the press center of the city hall reminded inhabitants about the mayor’s order dated Dec. 4, 2009, regarding schools’ work in cold weather.

According to this order, kids of the 1st — 5th grades may stay at home at -45C. When it is -48C, schools are closed for the 1st — 8th grades boys and girls. At -50C kids of all 11 grades are legally allowed not to study, they may enjoy free time. The listed restrictions, however, appeared to be obligatory for Yakutsk. Other regions and towns set its own not-to-go-school days.

A few years ago, as I remember, there was no such indulgence. Schools, for instance, were closed for all only, when it was -55C. This time the city hall was guided by its strong willingness to prevent respiratory deseases. As you may guess, preventive measures do not affect children. They are ready to play outdoors in any weather condition. Kids, you know.

Another curious thing is that every foggy winter morning parents do always check the current temperature by calling the weather service, because risky temps must be officially approved so to have all rights not letting your little loved go school. So…do not believe your eyes, what your own thermometer shows doesn’t matter. It’s the meteo station’s privilege.

One more thing. The mayor’s orders doesn’t affect kidergartens. They are open at all times, because parents must work.

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