A Siberian taiga ghost at Yakutia’s Kyjma Lake

There is a bunch of local friends, who love hiking through the real Siberian taiga near Yakutsk in summer. On June 6, 2006, three of them, Artem, Kallamish and Sergey went into the forest as usual. That time they decided to hike around the famous Kyjma Lake. Not a good place for BBQ, believe me.

Kyjma is the place where a long time ago a shaman lived and died. At present young people do not have faith in the power of shaman and his everlasting presence on the earth, even after his death. Well. That’s the story. Three guys visited this place and took along a video cam…

2 Comments on “A Siberian taiga ghost at Yakutia’s Kyjma Lake

  1. What the hell was that? Some kind of animal? A ghost of the shaman?
    It’s spooky, anyway!

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