The World Music: Albina Degtyareva & Ayarkhaan

AYARKHAAN. By by Andej Tojko, a Polish photo artist.

AYARKHAAN and Albina Degtyareva. By by Andej Tojko, a Polish photo artist.

Albina Degtyareva, the Ayarkhaan group leader.

Albina Degtyareva, the Ayarkhaan group leader.

It seems like I won’t be ever tired of promoting Albina Degtyareva, a bright representative of the Yakut national (khomus/jews harp) music, and her Ayarkhaan team. I really like the music of the world (or world music) and she is in the top list of music artists a must to listen to.

She produced many music albums — solo and with her band «Ayarkhaan.» You can come across her tracks on many download music websites and see her khomus play in many YouTube videos.

She’s got many fans, who are ready to make her and Ayarkhaan visible on the Internet as much as possible. So am I.

Albina Degtyareva with her band «Ayarkhaan» is based in Yakutsk, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia. Lives in the biggest Siberian region. Born in the little village of Kyrgyday.

Regalia: The honored culture worker of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).


Currently works as a khomus music teacher at Yakutsk Music College and as the artist of Yakutia’s State Variety Art Theater.

Used to work as a khomus music tutor at Yakutsk Children High Music School for more than 10 years. Had research work experience at International Khomus Center (known also as Yakutsk Khomus Museum).


Graduated from Yakutsk State University with major in the Sakha language and literature.

Video about Ayarkhaan

Ayarkhaan & Albine Degtyareva Photographs

Started activity in culture and arts in 1983 as a Jew’s-harp (khomus) performer at the Yakutsk State University. As a member of the university-based khomus players group “Algys”, Albina Degtyareva deservedly became a laureate of the XII World Students & Youth Festival in Moscow in 1985. In 1987 she participated in tours to promote the USSR in West Europe.

Since 1991 she performs on stage as a professional artist. Well-known outside of the Sakha Republic and Russia. Considered as the promoter of khomus music. Her Jew’s-harp playing is notable for gifted creativity, individual style, subtle technique, and strong improvisation. Her well-known compositions are At a Tethering Post, Lullaby, The World of Nature, Home Tunes, etc. She recreates the old ways of folk singing – nasal, throat, palatal singing. Those techniques are effectively used in author’s music and theatrical performance.

Being a khomus master, Albina Degtyareva deserved the right to be the honored representative of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). She participates in many official events arranged by Yakutia’s Government within Russia and abroad. She took part in Days of the Republic in Moscow, St Petersburg, Khabarovsk, China, Japan (EXPO 2005), and other places.

Albina Degtyareva supported documentalists and moviemakers. For instance, she participated in making movies “The Echo of Centuries” (1984), “The Yakut Ballad” (2000), “Congeners” (2001). Published author’s CDs in Austria and Japan. She is also known as a skillful modeler. Her costumes done in traditional style earned the Grand-Prix of Yakutia models competition “Saharha” in 1997. She is a poetess as well. Her literature works have been published in printed media.

Albina Degtyareva makes an important contribution to the preservation of music, arts, and culture traditions, to the promotion of khomus and world music.


To promote the Yakut khomus, live ethno music, and folk singing, Albina Degtyareva established the ethno group “Ayarkhaan” in 2002. For the short time being, she with group members managed to revive lost manners of singing – khabarha yryata, tanalai yryata, etc.

Ayarkhaan deserved a lot of awards at various Russian and international live ethno/folk music festivals. Among earned trophies, for instance, there are:

the Grand-Prix of

* the Russian Festival “The Lights of the North” (Syktyvkar, 2003),
* the 2nd World Ethno Music Festival “Sayanring” (Krasnoyarsk, 2004),

the laureate of

* the International Khomus Festival “Il Khomus” (Yakutsk, 2004),
* the International Live Music Festival “The Magic of the Voice” (Brozlav / Poland, 2005),
* the International Verbal Folk Traditions Festival (Warsaw / Poland, 2005),
* the International Khomus Festival (Kyzyl / Russia, 2005).

In 2006 Ayarkhaan was a headliner of the following events:

* the International Live Music Festival in Chadan (Tyva / Russia),
* the International Ethno Music Festival in Moscow (Russia),
* the International Live Music Festival “Riddu, Riddu” in Minland (Norway),
* the International Turks Music Festival “The Music of the Great Steppe” in Kyzyl Orda (Kazakhstan).

Recognized as the best group at the V International Jew’s-harp Music Congress in Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

P.S. Just keep in mind. If you want to remember all stars of the world music, do us favour. Look at the biggest Siberian region called Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) on your map, find the city of Yakutsk on the bank of the fantastic Lena River and write two phrases «Albina Degtyareva» and «Ayarkhaan» and add the comment «Famous Yakut khomus/jews harp music performance.»

And, please, share the link to this info on Albina Degtyareva and Ayarkhaan with the world.



Albina Degtyareva and Ayarkhaan CD Echo of the Past Albina Degtyareva and Ayarkhaan CD Echo of the Past

The book contains information on Yakuts, iron works, khomus, traditional singing, the Ayarkhaan band and its achievements.

Scan copies of a few pages: 1, 2.

The CD comes with the following tracks:

1. Awakening
2. Legend of the creation of the world
3. Song of blessing
4. Land of Uraankhai people
5. Heavenly maidens
6. Traditional instrumental
7. White birch tree
8. White night
9. Cuckoo
10. Dedication to the blacksmiths’ patron Kudai Bakhsy
11. Sing and sound, my khomus (folk song)
12. White crane
13. Sparkling rhythms
14. Flight of birds in fall (folk song)
15. Singing bells

Currently, the CD is unavailable for sale.

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