Yakutia in Nicolas Vanier’s LE LOUP movie

Director: Nicolas Vanier
Location: Topolinoe, the Verkhoyansk Range, Yakutia/Siberia.

Synopsis by American Film Market:
Sixteen year old Sergei is the son of Boris, the head of the Batagi family of reindeer breeders. Awarded the title of herdsman, with the clan’s largest herd, he joins the Even tribe for the first time as they begin their summer cattle drive across the pastures of the Siberian mountains. As the tribe’s only source of income, these reindeer are their pride and joy and they will stop at nothing to protect them from their most bitter enemy, the Wolf.

Yeah… Nature of Yakutia is awesome!

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  1. Since the video got cut, I found another of the same video so that the link may be reposted.

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