Yakutia in Russia Today’s XL Reports

XL Reports’ Program description:
Yakutia is the largest republic in Russia and one of the most extreme places on the planet. It’s officially the coldest inhabited place on earth. Yakutsk is the capital and largest city of the region, built entirely on permafrost. But despite the cold weather, our correspondent James Brown found plenty of warm people there. Explore Yakutia with us on RT.

About XL Reports
Featuring different aspects of Russian life, XL Reports introduce the country’s traditions and culture while exposing outdated myths and stereotypes. They bring to life Russia’s rich heritage, its varied wildlife, its special cuisine, its vibrant nightlife. Original footage of historical events and sharp analysis of contemporary politics give viewers a deeper understanding of what drives the country and its people. RT’s XL Reports go beyond the bare facts, to thoroughly investigate Russia’s past and present and to open windows on its future.

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