Yakutia Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-15

  • 1400 passengers saved from the train trapped in snow: On the railway between Harbin and Inner Mongolia the trai.. http://bit.ly/4FZgxZ #
  • Inuit women in Germany: “I am very cold”: 8.1.2010 – 18:10 Uhr  Source dpa Bielefeld, Germany (AP) &#8211.. http://bit.ly/7o5vfE #
  • The Day After Tomorrow?: No, it is now! “The beginning of the next ice age my friend… http://bit.ly/6r93jy #
  • English Yakutia is officially open http://eyakutia.com #
  • The wolrd, enjoy the COLD http://coldunited.com #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — An athlete running and jumping in Chourapcha, Yakutia/Siberia http://youtu.be/dnnE-wFjmOc?a #
  • The new blog eYakutia.com — English Yakutia has acquired its own Facebook fan page. Welcome! Get connected and… http://fb.me/4v4H0Ag #
  • How to dress in Yakutia in the middle of winter?: Amazing! I received questions from an American lady, whose given… http://bit.ly/6YjBA9 #
  • Don't miss this event of the year in Yakutia! http://fb.me/4hJP6ES #
  • today is awesome. sunshine in yakutsk! -31°C -33°C. #
  • Deep Daisy remains until Monday with snow and hurricane: Winter Weather Deep Daisy remains until Monday with sn.. http://bit.ly/894gEU #
  • the 1st work Monday in 2010. #
  • Yakutia’s Sports Committee approved the 2010 calendar with 370 sporting events. #
  • In Russia's Yakutia 99 enterprises laid off 837 people in 2009. The reason is expenses cutting down. #
  • In Verkhoyansky ulus, Yakutia's coldest region, coal and energy crisis is almost resolved, says the republic's prime minister. #
  • How to get a taxi going to Yakutsk at the Neryungri railroad station?: As you noted by my announcements, I decided… http://bit.ly/5GdenK #
  • It seems like I won’t be ever tired of promoting Albina Degtyareva, a
    bright representative of the Yakut national… http://fb.me/4i5MxK7 #
  • #Siberia is calling you! A good title for one of my next posts :) Nevertheless, check this updated entry http://bit.ly/7JM8Hs #
  • winter returned. -41°C in Yakutsk. that's Siberia! #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Siberia's Yakutia in Pictures http://youtu.be/8n-DBQ5xVFE?a #
  • New Canadian research centre combines Western science and Inuit knowledge: The CBC reported today:
    A new Ottaw.. http://bit.ly/6Wayh9 #
  • Watch the video!

    Siberia's Kyjma Lake is the place where a long time ago a shaman lived and died. At
    present young… http://fb.me/4trxY9J #

  • Good news for Berlin-based blog readers! http://fb.me/4nSnvEa #
  • In 2009 in #Yakutia every hundred of she-deer gave birth to 57 little deer :) #
  • ColdUnited Flickr Pick: Spaceship Broke Need Parts: Denver, Colorado http://bit.ly/92AfiM #
  • On Sunday I & my friends are going to Oymyakon, the Pole of Cold. Follow us. A lot of pics are guaranteed http://bit.ly/4ws1Gf #Siberia #
  • Journey to Oymyakon: Today all participants gathered!: As far as you know, I decided to organize a road trip to Oy… http://bit.ly/4W99ky #

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