Welcome to Yakutia Photo Exhibition at Warsaw University, Jan. 25 — Feb. 5, 2010

Warsaw University Photo Exhibition

Good news!

Polish Yakutia fans are welcome to the exhibition «Sakha Republic Photographic Guide» (Fotograficzny przewodnik po Jakucji) arranged at Warsaw University Library by Polish students, Agata Fedotov and Łukasz Grajewski, who traveled across the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in August 2009 as participants of the Poles Assistance Foundation and Polonia Yakutsk’s three week research expedition.

Amazing photos are exhibited in the Warsaw University Library main hall. Location: Sala Narożna Pałacu Potockich, Warszawa, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, Kampus UW. Dates: from now till Feb. 5, 2010

The opening of the photo exhibition took place on January 25. Agata Fedotov and Łukasz Grajewski told about their exploring the Siberian wilderness, native peoples and the Polish-Yakutian relations history.

There were also given lectures by Prof. Stanislaw Zapasnik, a Warsaw University expert in Asia and its peoples identity, Kunney Takasayeva, a Warsaw University Interdisciplinary Research Institute psychology graduate, and Michael Ksiazek, a Yakutia researcher, the organizer of expeditions to the Siberian wilderness.

ULR: the event page on Facebook.

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