EPL Diamond’s factory and jeweller’s in Yakutsk

Diamond House Trade Center in Yakutsk

Diamond House Trade Center in Yakutsk

As I twitted, on Tuesday I had an unique opportunity to visit EPL Diamond’s biggest diamond-cutting factory and jeweller’s store in Yakutsk. See pics and info.

EPL Diamond is the Yakutsk-based stock company (established in 1994) that produces real Yakutian brilliants out of ALROSA’s diamonds mined in West Yakutia. It produces also its own jewelry.

EPL Diamond sells certified Yakutian brilliants and jewelry through the vast wholesale and retail network that includes 15 trade centers «Diamond House» across Russia and stores in China (Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong), Israel (Ramat Gan in the Tel Aviv district), USA (San Francisco).

By the way, keep in mind that when we say Yakutian brilliants, we mean EPL Diamond.

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