Saina, the singer of Yakutia’s Northern nations

Saina, a Yakutsk-based ethno singer

Think no need to present Saina. She can do it herself. Listen to her audio presentation track with different songs. I can say only that she started as a Yakutsk-based pop singer. Now she prefers to sing songs of northern peoples living in Siberia’s Yakutia. That’s really great.

This demo was specially recorded for and To listen tracks, just click on their titles.

A demo track with various songs

Here is one of her songs. Complete version.

The Song Of A Girl

Watch also her video with the hit «Yakutsk.» This song dedicated to Yakutsk made here famous in Yakutia.


Saina’s Website
Saina can be easily found on Facebook. Browse through the member list of the — English Yakutia fan page

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