«Sakha-Yakutia: Living Culture in Permafrost Area»

Yakutsk State University / North-Eastern Federal University

Summer School: 9.08.10.-28.08.2010

 (for German Students)



Spiritual legacy of the Northern peoples has attracted anthropologists from all over the world including researchers from Germany. Their exploration of the Arctic region made a major contribution to development of the science in Yakutia, particularly in the Humanities. History of the peoples inhabiting the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), their culture, traditions and customs can be of great value for students as well as for young scientists from Germany.

“Sakha-Yakutia – Living culture in permafrost area” is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in multicultural society of Yakutia in the North-Eastern Siberia. Witness the historic, social, economic and cultural changes which occur in Yakutia at present time.

A three–week program includes lectures, workshops on history, culture and people of Yakutia, Elementary Intensive Russian, Intermediate Russian, and Elementary Sakha Language. The topics include ethnography of indigenous people of Yakutia, religious outlook, Yakut mythology and folklore, shamanism. The program also includes practical training in applied arts and crafts, field trips, visits to museums of Yakutsk, an open-air museum “Friendship”, ethnographic centers “Chochur-Muran”, “Ytyk Haya”. The students will also be able to live three days in a rural area – a typical Yakut village and to travel to the Lena Cliffs, Yakutia most famous tourist sight.

There might be changes in the program.

Information about the Summer School (PDF)

Target group: Students of the German Universities whose major is anthropology, ethnography, languages, history and other humanities.

 Requirements: Knowledge of the Russian language is not necessary. All classes and out-of –class activities are in English or German.

 Number of participants: 15 — minimum, 25 -maximum.

 Accommodation: Student Hostel of Yakutsk State University

 Number of hours: 72

 Dates: Arrival: 09.08.09.

Classes: 10.08.10.-28.08.10.

Departure: 30.08.10.

 Duration: 3 weeks

 Fees: 850 Euro (including classes, field trips, tours and cultural activities)

Document issued after completion: YSU Certificate, 4 ECTS-Credits


Yakutsk State University named after M.K.Ammosov

Office of International Programs

58, Belinsky Street

677000, Yakutsk



Contact Person:

Ms. Tatiana Olesova

Tel.: 007-4112-36-14-53, 007-4112-49-68-10,

Fax: 007-4112-36-14-53



 Application form

Please send the application form before 30.04.2010 to the e-mail: oip-yakutsk@mail.ru

If you are invited to the summer school you can apply for the DAAD grant. For more information please visit www.goeast.daad.de

Contact person in DAAD is Mrs. Irina Petzold-Turcanu, e-mail address: petzold-turcanu@daad.de


What is Sakha-Yakutia?

The Sakha Republic (Yakutia) is situated in the north-eastern part of Russia and occupies an area one-fifth of the size of the whole country. The republic is washed by the two seas in the north – the Laptev Sea and the East-Siberian Sea. These are the coldest seas of the Arctic Ocean.

The area of Yakutia is many times greater than the largest European states: it is eight times the size of Germany, seven times the size of France.

More than 40% of Yakutia’s territory lies within the Arctic Circle, and nearly all its territory is in the permafrost zone. The remains of prehistoric animals, such as the wooly mammoth, the wooly rhinoceros, pre-historic horses are often found there.

The climate of Yakutia is sharply continental with extremely severe long winters and short hot summers.

The average temperature in winter is -40˚ to -45˚C, in summer – +25˚ — +30˚.

The terrotory of Yakutia has a complex geology rich in natural resources. The raw minarls found in Yakutia include tin, antimony, wolfram, complex ores, gold, diamonds, fuel coals, oil and gas, phosphate, zeolite.

A great number of large and small rivers flow through Yakutia. The main river of the republic ist the Lena River, which is 4,400 km long.

Yakutia is known as the lake district of Russia. There are over 700,000 lakes in the republic. Many of the lakes are rich in fish.

There are four landscape zones in Yakutia: the arctic deseerts, tundra, forest tundra, and taiga. 71% of the whole area is covered by taiga.

The artistic and cultural life of the Sakha Republic is one of the richest in Russia with its ancient epics and contemporary literature, performing arts, folk and classical music, ballet and painting.

There are several theatres in the republic, based both in Yakutsk and in other cities. There are about eighty museums in Yakutia. One of the oldest museums is the Ethnographic Museum of the Peoples of the North which introduced into the traditional culture of the people of the north, the historical evolution on the region.

The capital city of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) is Yakutsk. Its population is 246,000 people.


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