Sid Korn’s Slideshow: The Journey to the Pole of Cold

I have an US-based friend on Facebook. His name is Sid Korn. A few days ago he informed me that he created the slideshow using my pictures of the recent road trip to Oymyakon, the Pole of Cold. Here it is.

Annotation to the video
Picture source and stories are at: Bolot Bochkarev of Yakutsk Russia arranged a trip to go from Yakutsk to Oymyakon also called the pole of cold. Oymyakon is the coldest village in the world with record temperatures going down to -90 F. The music is Yakut music.

Sid, many thanks for your great contribution! :)

3 Comments on “Sid Korn’s Slideshow: The Journey to the Pole of Cold

  1. Wonderful slideshow and background music ! Do you know the title ?

  2. Silandi, not. I need to ask Sid Korn on Facebook :)

    I asked Sid. Here is his answer:
    «The first song is [Hector Zazou] yakut song [lioudmila khandi] Songs from the Cold Seas. She is a well known Yakut artist. The other music is from a tape given to me by Nadia Noeva of Yakutsk. I think you already know her as she is on facebook. All tittles were in Yakut so this is all I can tell you. Warm regards, Sid»

  3. Thanks a lot Bolot and Sid !!!!!!!!!

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