Being excited & happy on the Pole of Cold, Oymyakon

I love this video. It shows how we were really happy to be on the Pole of Cold in Oymyakon (Yakutia/Siberia).

Oe Karpov is amazing. He is a Yakutsk-based journalist and writer. It’s him saying «We are crazy men from Oymyakon. We are locals.»

A Seoul-based German pro photographer Bjoern is also really happy. You can see how he was excited… smiling and laughing. He is funny, I mean his appearance, especially his hare fur hat, makes us smile… No one here wears a hare fur hat, even remote village farmers prefer to have a hat made of different fur. Frankly saying, what to wear doesn’t matter :)

By the way, you can see me in this video as well. That’s me in a red Canada Goose parka and with a thermometer. At that moment, it was pretty chilly, -52C/-61.6F. I look inhere like frozen. But it’s not true. I was trying to hide my nose in the scarf and avoid breathing extemely cold air, that’s not good to my throat.

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