400 km Topolinoe to Uchugei Reindeer Sledding Expedition

The Polar Cavalry. That way nine courageous men called themselves. They made an exciting expedition through mountain taiga. 400 km from the village of Topolinoe to Oymyakonsky region is not a joke. They chose the traditional means of transport, reindeer sleds.

The project initiator Andrey I (a famous Russian TV presenter) looks tired. They arrived just yesterday [March 8th], and as he witnessed, he felt all charms of nomad life, he got his nose frozen as well.

Not all emotions the video camera could record and fix. There are a lot left behind the cam.

The purpose of the expedition was to learn the life of reindeer herders and to honour the memory of the Great Patriotic War participants.

The Polar Cavalry is going to be conducted annually. The next year Finish and Norwegian tourists plan to come and experience new travel experience in Siberia’s Yakutia.

The video story is made by INTERESNO TV Show, Yakutsk.

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  1. Loved reading about this project. How can I find out more, I would be very interested in coming along on a project like this.


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