David McAlmont and Michael Nyman: The Coldest Place On Earth


McAlmont and Numan's The Coldest Place on EarthDavid McAlmont and Michael Nyman perform ‘The Coldest Place on Earth’, a new song written specially for Paul Morley’s Showing off…

«So here we have That Instrumental from the movie The Piano (you know the one) overlain with David McAlmont’s new, exquisitely sung lyrics inspired by the extremely chilly Siberian city of Yakutsk. Genuinely lovely.» That’s what I found at Metro.co.uk together with the last rumours about Lady Gaga. Fantastic!

Click here to watch the exclusive live performance of ‘The Coldest Place on Earth’

«After Paul Morley fell in love with The Glare album he invited David and Michael to perform on his acclaimed Showing Off podcast in December. A seasonal song was requested and it was thought, in the context of the development of the album, The Glare (released October 26th 2009), that The Heart Asks Pleasure First, written for Jane Campion’s film The Piano had a distinctly seasonal atmosphere. It was also felt that the lyrics should be seasonal but not specifically ‘Yulish’. So, instead of jingling bells, morbidly obese men in red clothes and gifts wrapped beneath decorated trees an experience of profound cold on earth was sought and researched. An article about a journey to Yakutsk was located in the Independent. The idea of a coldest place on earth felt appropriate to the music and a new song was born. It’s appropriateness is remarkable because Michael’s music was inspired by a piece about winter in the coldest, remotest part of Scotland,» says Zebralution10’s review on iTune.

That’s really amazing! If you read that article, you would note my name was mentioned in it :)

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