Photos: Excursion to SakhaBult’s factory and store

Unty (high fur boots)

Where to buy high fur boots with national decorations in Yakutsk? Where to get Yakut fur coats? Where to see fur production? The answer is quick. Visit SakhaBult.

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SakhaBult is Yakutsk-based leather & fur production company. Established in 1992. It has two types of productions. The first one is currying. The second is fur clothes making. SakhaBult produces famous unty (high fur boots), fur coats from sable, fox (polar, silver and regular), musquash, reindeer, wolfskin, etc. It also produces gobelins and all types of fur souvenirs.

7 Comments on “Photos: Excursion to SakhaBult’s factory and store

  1. How beautiful! I can’t wait to try on a pair of those wonderful boots.

  2. —and they look so snuggly warm!!

  3. i would like to buy and sell some of these items in my shop in uk, is it possible?

  4. i would like to sell and buy these boots in the uk, is it possible? x

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