Iceland Air’s work in Yakutsk on an Icelandic News Channel

Received a message from an Icelandic friend of mine. He wrote, «Yakutsk was on Icelandic News Channel this evening.» Later, he explained that it was the reportage about an Icelandic mechanic’ work at Yakutsk Airport. A representative of Iceland Air, that leased 5 Boing 737 planes to Yakutia Airlines, said in his interview, «It is -27, people are showing hospitality.»

Watch the video (streaming via Windows Media Player)

Though I do not understand a word of the Icelandic language, I got a clear idea of what a mechanical engineer talked about in the interview. Sever winter conditions, extremely cold weather, working in the early morning, Yakutsk, Siberia, etc. The video footage is great. It seems the reportage was made a month ago, in March 2010.

Via Visir

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