Photo Story: Living in Tiksi. By Pavel Kolínský.

Tiksi. The photo story by Pavel Kolinsky.

Tiksi. The photo story by Pavel Kolinsky.

Proud to announce that today we start publishing the unique collection of the Czech photographer Pavel Kolínský’s stories about living in Yakutia’s Arctic, precisely in the Lena Delta. The first part is dedicated to the Yakutian sea port of Tiksi.

Pavel Kolínský’s photos taken in July of 2006, frankly saying, reveal the whole story. I could say, «No comments are required! Take a look and get the clue!» That’s absolutely true. However, I would like to say a few words.

Tiksi is a port settlement in Yakutia’s Bulunsky Ulus located on the Arctic Ocean coast. Served as the major access to the Laptev Sea. Its current population is around 4 000 people. The next year’s census will show how many people are left to live and work in the most Yakutian northern settlement.

It was founded in 1933. In the Soviet era it was considered as the most promising place. In the course of that time people headed there for the romantic life with pretty good salaries. Times changed, the world changed and Tiksi had to be altered… a little bit.

Tiksi still does keep the remains of the Soviet glory. Just take a look at remained functional buildings. You can see also how houses left without its owners are getting through the process of demolition under the pressure of time and extremely cold Arctic weather.

My personal hope is that Tiksi will be totally reconstructed in the near future. You know, due to the new cycle of the Northen seaway development and the ground-taking global warming and etc., etc. Arctic must live!

About the author:
Pavel Kolínský is a Czech photographer. His pictures tend to appear in major national magazines. By the way, these series were published as well. He runs his own company called «Pavel Kolínský Agency.» What type of the agency, photo or travel, is up to you, my dear blog visitors… Express a sincere thank to Pavel for letting me republish his photographs. Hope it is just the beginning of our cooperation.

Pavel Kolínský visited Tiksi and the Delta Lena in July of 2006. Since then, almost nothing has been changed.

If you like this story, leave your feedback. If you would like to share your pics as Pavel did, just let me know. I am always ready for cooperation.

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