2010 Spring Flood: the Lena River, Yakutsk, Yakutia/Siberia

More new photographs of the Lena River flooding in Yakutsk are upcoming with every update. Stay tuned. Check the last set.

The part of Yakutsk - Pokrovsk road between villages of Oktemzy and Tekhtyur is overflooded. May 19, 2010. Photo by 777.

2010 Spring Lena River Flooding. That’s a big event in Siberia’s Yakutia, indeed. We, all locals, follow the last flood information. Emergency and other services are on alert. The flood is already here. The river flows fast.

Yesterday, May 19, the part of the Yakutsk-Pokrovsk road between Oktemzy and Tekhtyur has been already flooded. It means the town of Pokrovsk is totally disconnected from Yakutsk for next two weeks.

Further, watch, how the Lena River flows through a live webcam. Check river pictures and the river map. In the course of the work day I will try to update this post with more flood information on the Lena River, the longest river in Siberia. Stay tuned.

Observe the ice floating on the Lena River via the live webcam near Yakutsk

Meanwhile, you can also observe ice-floating on the Lena River through the live webcam set just a few days ago in the area of Tabaga Cape about 60 km south from Yakutsk. The River flows fast!

See the webcam location on the river map (unfortunately, the below is a summer satellite photo).

View Larger Map

By the way, today in Yakutsk it is rainy, windy, and totally nasty. It is the same as it was yesterday. If it happens in May, it means ices started floating on the longest Siberian river. When they will be gone, summer in all its beauty will arrive. Praise God!

The flood in Yakutsk: the Lena River flows rapidly, its waters have already reached Yakutsk.

In the above picture you can see a still made by the Yakutsk live webcam installed on the main TV tower with the view on Lenin Square (downtown) and the Lena River, that became as a real big sea. Its waters reached the city’s brink.

UPDATE, May 21, 2010:

Yesterday, I walked across Yakutsk. It was raining pretty intensively. I’ve been to Chernyshevsky Street near downtown, District 202, the city’s river port, and the hydroelectric power plant area. The Lena River’s high waters are everywhere. It seems like this year’s flood is really serious and devastating. Take a look at the above pictures I made for the RIA Novosti news agency.

See more photographs of the current spring river flood from Flickr.

Below Chirung‘s photographs of yesterday’s intensive ice floating on the Lena River in the area of Tabaga, about 60 km south from Yakutsk:

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