A new president of Yakutia with the new government members + gold medalists

A new President of Yakutia with new government members + kids

The new President of Yakutia Yegor Borisov in the middle between two ladies. A new PM Galina Danchikova on his left side, Deputy PM Feodosia Gabysheva. P.S. Click the photo to enlarge.

This picture was taken a few minutes ago. I was on my way back to work. When I was passing by the Sakha Theater, I saw many young people on stairs. As the banner above their heads says, these kids were gathered from the whole republic to celebrate their high school graduation with gold medals and excellent diplomas. Actually I didn’t see any officials at once. There was a huge crowd of photographers, parents and journalists. Through them it was hard to see anything. I raised my hand, took a pic on my mobile and after that only I found out that there was a new Yakutia’s president with his new government members. Wow! What a luck at my lunch time! :)

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