Fishing on the Lena River — the area of Tabaga Cape

The Lena River, Tabaga Cape. It is the very place, where the railroad bridge is going to be constructed.

Last Monday I and my friends, Ekaterina and Artyem, managed to get out of the town for fishing on the Lena River. In the morning weather was pretty sunny, but by 2 pm, the time, when we set out for the settlement of Tabaga, 1 hr ride by a car south off Yakutsk, it got cloudy. When we arrived to the river, it was raining and a gravel road down there became slushy and muddy. It was hard to get through, and the army of hungry bloodsuckers met us happily. We experienced real extremes :)

On the bank we found many fishermen. We were ready to catch fishes as many as possible, but we appeared to be, damn, unlucky. High waters, you know. Irrespective of that state of being, it was extremely beautiful on the Lena River. Instead, we enjoyed beautiful nature. Why not?

Further, please, see 22 photographs I took in the area of Tabaga Cape.

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