Photos: summer mountain rafting in Kobyaj w/ amazing fishing…

I am pretty proud to present the region called Kobyaj. Below, please, find elected summer pictures (frankly saying, I have a lot of photographs, including winter ones).

Kobyaj is people’s name for the Kobyajsky ulus located north from Yakutsk in Central Yakutia, Siberia/Russia. It is the only region (see the map) that includes partly the Lena River and the Verkhoyansk Range.

Breath-taking rafting is guaranteed in the Yakutian region of Kobyaj

Fishing in the mountain area... What can be more exciting?

Crucian carps of Kobyaj are the best in Yakutia, Siberia

In Siberia’s Yakutia this area is famous for the republic’s best crucian carps (karas in Russian). They are big and tasty. All Yakutsk market sellers always say that their carps are from Kobyaj. This is a trick to ensure the high quality of their products. The title “Kobyajskyj karas” (carps of Kobyaj) is considered to be a local brand.

Because of the “karas” brand, we, Yakutians, tend to percept Kobyaj as the land of lakes only. As you know, crucian carps are fished in lakes. But… we forget that it is the perfect place for fantastic fishing, breath-taking rafting, unforgettable trekking, and even ethnographic researches.

A traveler is trying to ride reindeer in the Kobyajsky area of Sahandzha, Yakutia, Siberia

Yeah, Kobyaj is also a home for the Even reindeer herders, whose service center is the settlement of Sebyan Kyol.

So… Apart from carps, key phrases for Kobyaj are mountain fishing, rafting, trekking, and nomadic life.

PS. This is also homeland for the richest Yakut, a Russian parliament deputy, Michael Everstov 🙂 PS2: Below-listed pictures were mostly taken in the Kobyajsky area of Sahandzha.

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