Travelling the Buotama River estuary in summer 2010, Yakutia, Siberia/Russia

The Lena Pillars, the Buotama River, Siberia, Russia.

The Lena Pillars, the Buotama River, Siberia, Russia

These photos were taken by Arsen Tomsky and Maxim Prusakov during their 5-day Buotama River trip, June 10-15, 2010. Arsen has already floated the Buotama in July 2008. He remembers, how he and his three friends, Sherlaw, Marat and Maverick, spent three long days walking to the starting point for rafting. Loaded with stuff and rubber boats, they ovecame 30 km of taiga in order to reach the area of the Lena Pillars. The first day was so tough that he was forced to squeez a tooth paste tube to reduce slightly the weight of his backpack.

Compared to the previous extreme hike-n-raft experience, this year’s travel with the helicopter flight was simply a comfortable touristic journey, as Arsen says. He thanks a local business man, Alexander Skripin, for inviting him to join the Boutama River trip.

Arsen says, Buotama is an amazing place. With pristine wilderness, animals, fishes-rich spots at rough shoals, bewitching Gothic-type stone pillars, that provide fantastic landscape views. The Buotama River is a true natural gem of Yakutia, that, by the way, is located near Yakutsk, Arsen resumes.

Below-listed photos can hardly convey even a hundredth part of Yakutia’s nature beauty.

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