Kerdyom Railway Station near Yakutsk to open on Friday

Kerdyom, Kerdem railway station, Yakutsk

Great news! Russia’s railways are set to break new ground on Friday, September 24, 2010, when the remote Siberian line linking Central Yakutia to the Amur opens a new station at Kerdyom (also written as Kardem or Kerdem) 150km south off Yakutsk. If to be more precise, on the opposite Lena River bank in front of Pokrovsk.

Vladimir Putin was expected to lay the final rail on the line during his visit to the region this week, but people say he is not coming. The first passenger service is due to arrive on Monday morning.

As news agencies report, hopes to complete the service into Yakutsk by 2013 seem somewhat faint.

The city of Yakutsk is currently only accessible by air, boat or car.

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