Photos: ALROSA’s plane 154 landed in taiga near Izhma, Komi

A TU-154 plane flying Yakutsk-Moscow landed in the Komi forest.

The English Russia blog has just published the photographs of ALROSA Airlines’ plane TU-154 flying Yakutsk-Moscow landed in the area of Izhma Airport, Republic of Komi.

English Russia wrote:

A TU-154 plane flying Yakutsk-Moscow made an emergency landing today at the airport of Izhma. The preliminary cause of the emergency landing was a sudden breakdown of aeronavigation system aboard. According to the eyewitness accounts when the plane was landing it came far out of the heliport deck, breaking trees it went deep into the forest.

The plane of “Alrosa” company had 72 passengers aboard, they all were fortunately evacuated through the emergency exits. The passengers have been taken to the hotel of an Izhma sports complex

More incident photographs at English Russia.

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