A Belgian TV documentary about ice roads on the Lena River in Yakutia, Siberia

This is one of fourteen short films made by Martin Heylen for the Belgian National TV Channel. The episode depicts how ice roads on the Lena River are used and what type of road maintaining works is conducted in winter. In the video you can see, why road workers pour waters on ice, why they strew snow on the surface and etc.

Saying a lot of thanks to Olga Monastyreva for her sharing the link with us. Olga lives in Belgia and she reports that Martin Heylen is pretty famous in his country and his TV Show about Siberia, including Yakutia, was broadcasted on a major TV Channel in the course of one month. Later it was repeated at requests of viewers. Moreover, Martin received a national TV award for those series.

Enjoy a film, though it is in the Flemish language.

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