Photo report: Yakutia photo exhibit in South France

Previously we informed about Aubry Francine’s upcoming photo exhibit in Southern France, precisely in the tourisom office showroom of Aix en Provence. Now we have the good news. The exhibit happened on October 4th-17th, 2010, and it was very successful.

Aubry with the help of the Russian club «Datcha Kalina» and the famous explorer-director, Nicolas Vanier, displayed 35 portraits of Yakut children and the frescoes of drawings by kids from Yakutia, France , Belgium, Portugal and Cameroon on the theme of global warming.

Aubry Francine provided us with photos taken during the opening ceremony. They are very impressive. Saying a lot of thanks to her. For her devotion to kids and readiness to help them worlwide, including Yakutia.

Who is Aubry? She is a France-based educator, who helped a lot to a French-Sakha school in the Yakutian village of Khamagatta, 1 hour ride north off Yakutsk. She is a big person.

By the way, dear friends, if you are interested in this exhibit to happen at your place, just let her know. She will be glad to arrange it in your city/town/settlement.

Further, please, find more event photographs.

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