Siberia’s Yakutia to experience the extreme cold weather in November 2010

A horse breeder in the valley of Oymyakon. Photo by Bolot Bochkarev.

A horse breeder in the valley of Oymyakon.

Yakutsk Centre for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring forced news agencies to speak about itself. Forecasters distributed a preliminary forecast of next month in Yakutia.

According to the report, in the South of Yakutia, the thermometer may drop to minus 40-45 degrees Celsius, the East expects 34-37-degree frosts, and the coldest places in the northern hemisphere of our planet, Oymyakon (Ojmjakon) and Verkhoyansk, will confirm their brutal reputation. Here the air might be chilled down to -57 and -62 degrees Celsius.

Incidentally, the frost in calm weather is a phenomenon, which the locals poetically called «the rustle of the stars.» This is a barely audible noise caused by multiple collisions among ice micro crystals (a pretty essential fact to «nano» fans) as a result of human beings’ breathing.

Monthly atmospheric precipitation in most parts of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in November will very between 10 and 20, sometimes up to 32 millimeters. Experts predict strong winds and snowstorms in the lower reaches of the Lena River and a dense fog in southern and southwestern regions of Yakutia.

Let’s have fun! That’s the freezing period! Welcome to Yakutia, the coldest Siberian region!

In the photo: A horse breeder portrait made during AskYakutia’s journey to Oymyakon.

One Comment on “Siberia’s Yakutia to experience the extreme cold weather in November 2010

  1. i can’t wait to hear the rustle of stars… i heard it in the yukon, but not since then!

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