Yakutsk-based writer Ivan Negenblya about his upcoming photo exhibit in Fairbanks, USA

Ivan Negenblya is telling, how he collected photographs of the Alaska-Siberia WWII Air Route.

Ivan Negenblya is telling, how he collected photographs of the Alaska-Siberia WWII Air Route.

YAKUTSK, Oct 5, 2010 – Ivan Negenblya gave a press conference in regards to his upcoming Alaska-Siberia WWII Air Route photo exhibit in the USA. The exhibit will take place during The 2010 Arctic Aviation Experts Conference in Fairbanks, Alaska, on October 12-13, 2010.

The press conference was arranged by Yakutia Airlines, that sponsored Ivan Negenblya and his wife’s travel from Yakutsk to Fairbanks. The trip between sister-cities is not cheap and not easy, especially for the writer, who is using a wheelchair and has never traveled out of Yakutsk since the accident that had limited his abilities decades ago.

Mr. Negenblya, his spouse and Sergei Khatylykov, worker of Yakutia’s Ministry of Foreign Relations, are starting a long journey today. As no direct flights are available, they will fly the following complicated route Yakutsk – Vladivostok (3-day stop because of the visa procedure) – Seoul (South Korea) – Seattle (USA) – Fairbanks (Alaska, USA). If everything would go smoothly, they should arrive in the final destination on Oct. 10. One way will take four days at least. Hope, the US Consulate General in Vladivostok will issue entry visas on the same day of applying documents.

The Alaska-Siberia WWI Air Route exhibit includes 60 black-n-white photo prints from Ivan Negenblya’s archive. All photographs display the history of how the Lend Lease cooperation was implemented on the USSR territory between 1943-1945. Actually, there are photos taken in 1941, when the construction of the Alsib airdromes started in Siberia. All pictures have their own history. Ivan Negenblya is ready to tell, how they were collected. Finding one photo took from a few months till years as a result of long Alsib participants search and snail correspondence.

Apart from the Arctic aviation experts conference, Ivan Negenblya will participate in many events arranged by Fairbanks’ sister-cities support committee. The visit program supposes meetings with the mayor of Fairbanks and WWII veterans, visits to the aviation museum, the Alaska-Siberia monument, etc.

Meanwhile, we wish Ivan Negenblya, his wife and Sergei Khatylykovs safe and comfortable flights to Fairbanks. Our fingers are crossed. Hope everything will go as planned.

Via the Alaska-Siberia WWII Air Route exhibit website.

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