Feel the atmosphere of our winter life in Yakutsk, Siberia/Russia

Yesterday night France24 TV Online Channel made the skype interview. They gave me the list of questions. The first one was «What was the atmosphere in the city today?» Here is my answer. It is done in the form of the video made in Yakutsk, Siberia/Russia, this morning, December 09, 2010, at 8.40 am, when we had -43C.

The winter life in the coldest city on Earth seems to us pretty ordinary. We woke up in the morning, rush to our work places, do our work and back home…

Some can say that our winter environment is hostile and that the life in such conditions couldn’t be lived at all. Yeah, it is extreme cold weather that we have in the course of the whole winter period in the Siberian city of Yakutsk. But it is such things we see around from our birth. It is pretty usual.

Everything works. Transportation system is doing well, public services, stores, school are open. Moreover, some stores and super markets are open 24 hours.

There might be, certainly, some exceptions for kids. For instance, little school boys and girls are allowed not to attend classes, when the temperature is below -45C. Schools might be closed on days with -52C and less. The funny thing is that kindergartens are open in any case and in any extreme cold weather conditions, because their parents must work.

Ok, words enough for now. Enjoy the video. Leave your feedbacks and share the link with others.

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One Comment on “Feel the atmosphere of our winter life in Yakutsk, Siberia/Russia

  1. Thank you Bolot for your video, which brings back woderful memories of my stay in Yakutsk and Yakutia this January.
    What I would like to aks you:
    Are the people whining if there is an extrordinary and unusal cold weather. Let’s say -50 or below, which are also rarely reached in Yakutsk.
    For instance when in Austria we get -25 then everybody is whining and even the TV is reporting about such an «tragedy», which always makes me smiling …
    But in summer the same. When we get, let’s say +38, everybody is again whining and TV is again reporting about such a heat ….