Uraanhay, the off roader made in Yakutia, Siberia/Russia

The Uraanhay off road vehicle was designed by the Smurygins especially for terrains of Yakutia, East Siberia and Far East.

The Uraanhay off road vehicle was designed by the Smurygins especially for terrains of Yakutia, East Siberia and Far East.

From now on, the Yakutian affiliate of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (in short, rescuers) will use the hand-made all-terrain vehicle called “Uraanhay,” Yakutsk Vecherny Newspaper reports.

The new off-roader is able to drive smartly through taiga as well as to swim Siberian rivers. It was created by Alexander and Constantine Smurygin in the city of Mirny, West Yakutia, in the course of 1.5 year. Now it is based in Yakutsk.

Such an all terrain vehicle is suitable for search-and-rescue operations in the northern Siberian region. Thanks to the rover, the number of expensive rescue helicopter flights (1 flight hour costs from 4500 USD) might be reduced greatly.

Its advantages are easy use and good cross. The huge off-roader is not afraid of knots and bushes, and its all terrain tires are simply impossible to pierce.

“Local drivers are forced to construct their own all-terrain vehicles. Domestic, foreign serial ones are not applicable for use in such harsh conditions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), as all of them must be adopted to our climate and terrains,” says Nikolay Nakhodkin, chief of Yakutia Rescue Service.

“Uraanhay” has 10 passenger seats. Smurygins’ off-roader was created three years ago after the Republic’s Ministry of Transportation announced the competition for the best cross-country vehicle.

The car was tested in difficult road conditions of Megino-Kangalassky area and was used during recent transmission lines construction in taiga.

Unlike its colleagues, the all-terrain vehicle “Uraanhay” can swim through rivers and swamps. “Uraanhay” is the Yakutian version of the off-roading monster.

“Moreover, we would like to ask the Smurygins to construct two more vehicles. Praise god, they work in our rescue service now,” says Mr. Nakhodkin.

Engine capacity — 2.7 cu. m;
Manual transmission from the Nissan Caravan bus;
Bridges from UAZ-Hunter;
The body is made out of two UAZ vehicles;
Shocks from UAZ;
Rubber from the SC-700 tractor (roughing).

In the Sakha language, the word «uraanhay» means «great» and «impenetrable.» Often used as an attribute of the warrior.

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