A guy running from the cold. -42C. Midnight. Yakutsk, Siberia/Russia [video]

That guy just got out of the 24hr store with a loaf and ran home from the cold. He wasn’t dressed well. A thin coat. A thin hat…

To put on many warm clothes is a very crucial decision in such extreme cold weather.

The video was done a few hours ago at midnight. Yeah, I am not a pro camera man. This and other video files I sent to France24 Channel, that asked questions about the life of Yakutsk City in extreme cold weather conditions. They wanted me to record my video answers at home and send them back, but I thought, «Why not get out and shoot what’s going on outdoor?» The current temperature was -42C.

Hope to see the whole video interview with me on that channel. After, certainly, I will share the link.

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