A blue-eyed hunting laika deserved its own sculpture in Yakutia!

In former Soviet days only secretary-generals and astronauts were given the honor of having sculptures when they were alive. Nowadays, even a dog, of remote taiga, can admire its own sculpture. Nevertheless, the monument dedicated to a faithful companion is the first experience in Yakutia.

A faithful Nord with a reindeer

A faithful Nord with a reindeer

How did a shaggy haired hero deserve such high recognition? In short, by faithful, self-denying service to his master – Nikolay Kalitin, an Evenk writer, whose ancestral farm has hosted that unique sculpture work. That’s the very way Nikolay decided to celebrate the 12th anniversary of his canine friend. A very venerable age!

A blue-eyed laika (more about the Yakut laika at SiberianHuskies.co) lives in Kalitin’s estate – in the area of the Buotama river, the land of the Morsos, a famous princely Evenk family whose tree was officially fixed in the 18th century. His ancestry was really princely. In Pushkin’s time, the writer’s great-grandfather was a prince and had appropriate fasces, including a nominal dirk given by the Russian Emperor.

Nikolay Kalitin, an Evenk writer

Nikolay Kalitin, an Evenk writer

As everybody knows, aristocrat and their descendants have eccentric habits. Nikolay Kalitin is not exception. He made arrangements for himself and his two nephews to erect a monument to Nord in the very center of the ancestral estate. His order became a reality. Dog’s head and a little deer that stands next to the main character, were bespoke by the pro sculpture, Maxim Pavlov, in Yakutsk. Dog’s torso was done on Kalitin’s spot.

Reindeer is not occasionally appeared next to the dog. Nord is a brave defender. If the poll were arranged among reindeer, latter would vote for setting up Nord’s sculpture by all hoofs. Cloven-hoofed animals acquired a profound respect for their faithful protector after the dog had defeated a hungry glutton, a guileful strong predator that had been able to terrify even wolves and bears.

Nord doesn’t need to borrow courage, indeed. When he catches a wolf’s howling or noses out the smell of gray robbers, he immediately bursts out rushing into action, but every time he gets his master’s ban. Nikolay knows what kind of outcomes can be. The word of the master is a law to the dog, and its willingness to serve his master is great. Where can you see a dog that runs in advance and gets rid of knots and sticks occurred on his lord’s way? One day Nikolay who was tired after a long trekking stumbled. Nord couldn’t bear it. He found that unfortunate stump, extirpated and buried it.

Kalitin says that five bear families live on the territory of his estate. The landlord prefers to keep neutrality towards them. He doesn’t point a hunting rifle at them. In response of such attitude redoubtable animals do not touch him. When they catch sight of him, they move away and make way. However, Nord tends to take position between the master and beasts. He demonstrates that he is not going to let his boss be offended. If there were no Nikolay’s admonition and training, the dog would rush into the battle, certainly. Nikolay convinced his fellow that bears might be not his friends, but at least fairly good neighbors. Beasts’ presence helps to guard reindeer from wolves.

Despite of sever attitude to the predatory animals of taiga, Nord is very kind inside. He can even… smile. In these moments, dog’s eyes reflect extremely sky blue color.

Nikolay respects the dog not only for its eyes and loyalty but for professional qualities as well. Nord’s major is sable hunting. After the first snowing, Kalitin and his canine friend go out for games. For hunting season, they manage to bag more than fifty sables. Nord has ten-year hunting experience. He has about thousands sables under his belt. In the Soviet Union ‘s time, a person with such an amount of trophies was able to earn the order of merit. What kind of gratitude is a dog supposed to have?

‘Let the monument be dedicated to the dog,’ the head of the princely family said. He said and his words were realized.

What about Nord? To all appearances, he liked his sculpture very much. He took a look at the sculptured figure, smiled at it, approached to his double and marked it in the only way the dog can do perfectly.

Written by Vladimir Fedorov
Translation is mine.

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