Microchips implanted in Yakut horses in Yakutia, Siberia/Russia

I know that there are the Yakut horse fans among eYakutia blog readers. Hope they will like this news story, though it is done by NVK Sakha in the Sakha language.

In the vid, you can see how, in the area of the Kenkeme National Park near Yakutsk, local farmers care their horses, milk mares, and what winter conditions they live in. But that’s not the point of the story.

It is mainly about the start of microchipping Yakut horses in order to track horses’ location, as they prefer to roam and dig grass out of snow across the huge territory of the national park with forest (taiga) and valleys. Besides, the new technology will be used for compiling the database of the Yakut horse. What a good undertaking!

The current microchipping in Kenkeme is the experiment of Yakutsk Academy of Agriculture conducted with its international partners.

What to do in Yakutsk? Try Yakut horse trekking in the described area. Ask Motrena by dialing +79142651983.

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