Platon Oyunsky, a key person of the Yakut culture, literature and history

Platon Oyunsky statue on Orzhanikidze Square in Yakutsk

Platon Oyunsky statue on Orzhanikidze Square in Yakutsk. *To enlarge the image, click on it.

A book image of Platon Oyunsky

Always wanted to write about Platon Oyunsky, a Soviet Yakut statesman, writer and translator, a co-founder of modern Yakut literature, but I didn’t know how to do that. He is really a big man of history of the Republic of Sakha. Many Yakutian scientists wrote many serious works about this personage… and unconsciously I considered the task of writing about him to be impossible.

And you know what happened? One morning I was heading to my work place. It was in the early winter. I was passing Ordzhanikidze Square, when I saw a man cleaning the stature of Platon Oyunsky from snow.

It was so fascinating to see how the man was doing his job that I took a picture of his brushing work, uploaded the photo to my TwitPic account and soon got series of replies from a Yakutsk-based guy in the form of short information of who Mr. Oyunsky was.

I said, «Wow!» That guy, named Petr Petrov, was pretty serious and tried to overflow my stream stressing the importance of the historic hero. I wrote to him, «Do you have more text in English?» He, «Yes, I’ve just finished one.»

Below, please, find Petr’s text. It appeared to be pretty short, however, he wrote it very sincerely.

Platon Oyunsky (1893 — 1939) was the founder of Yakut Soviet literature. Poet, writer, scientist, professor of philological sciences. The Soviet authority has won Yakutia in 1919 and the main organizer and leader became Platon Alekseevich Ojunsky.

His friends and colleagues, Maxim Ammosov, S.Arzhakov, I.Barakhov, and Platon Oyunsky, achieved the creation of the Yakut republic — on April, 27th, 1922, Yakut ISSR has been formed — the first state of Sakha in the history of the Sakha people. Platon Ojunsky has been selected the first chairman of the Yakut government, also he became the author of the first Constitution of Yakut ISSR (The Yakut Independent Soviet Socialist Republic).

More about Platon Oyunsky from Wiki:

He was born in 3 Zhekhsogon nasleg of Boturuss (nowadays Tatta) ulus. The origin of Sleptsovs was called «the origin of a shaman» — such an etymology of Oyunsky`s per-name. He was a victim of Stalinist repression, and died in prison in 1939. He was rehabilitated on 15.10.1955.

The State Prize of the Yakut ASSR, awarded for achievements in literature, arts, and architecture, was named after him. His name bears the Sakha drama theater, a literary museum, one of the streets in Yakutsk.

Petr, thanks a lot for your contribution! You helped me much!

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