Alexander Shadrin, of Yakutia, is Russia’s best ice sculptor

Alexander Shadrin, an ice sculptor from Yakutia

Guess, who Russia’s best ice sculptor is at the moment. Right you are. Alexander Shadrin from Yakutia.

On the Russian Christmas Eve, the Yakut artist was recognized and declared the winner of the Russian ice sculpture tournament consisted of three stages held in Murmansk, St. Petersburg and Moscow. Mr. Shadrin earned the Grand Prix and the right to design and make ice sculptures for 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Alexander Shadrin participated in all three stages of the tournament in Murmansk, St. Petersburg and Moscow. At each place, Yakutian artist created very stunning complicated ice sculptures.

An ice sculpture by Alexander Shadrin in Murmansk. Photo credit: Alena-alena from

An ice sculpture by Alexander Shadrin in Murmansk. Photo credit: Alena-alena from Click the photo to enlarge.

In Murmansk he was inspired by the shamanism theme. He showed the composition of a man, a horse and a tambourine. Local bloggers say his creature should win in their city. As they describe, all people couldn’t stop admiring his piece of ice arts.

In St Petersburg he won the competition by displaying the sculpture on the hunt theme. His reindeer and harlequins stunned the jury with their finesse and baffling complexity.

In the Moscow final he crafted the figure of the Russian icon painter, Dionysus, who was the successor of Andrey Rublev’s work.

Yakutsk Vechernyj‘s with Alexander Shadrin:

«It is not the first year of my competing in such tournaments. I tend to participate with my whole family, wife and three sons. All of them do work with ice. This time I was alone from Yakutia and the only representative of Russia’s Far East. I felt a huge responsibility on myself. The contest was unusual. Ten ice sculptors were allowed and obliged to attend three tournament stages held in three Russian cities. Was really pleased that I made it to the 10 top out of two thousands applicants from the country and abroad,» Mr. Shadrin said.

Creating the ice figure of Dionysus in Moscow, Russia.

Creating the ice figure of Dionysus in Moscow, Russia. Click on the photo to enlarge.

One of top ten ice artists and from Yakutia…

Where is the kingdom of permafrost? Certainly, in Yakutia. That’s why an invitation was sent to our far away region as well and here the republic’s ministry of culture suggested me as a candidate and sent out samples of my previous ice sculptures.

In Moscow, you have won the right to design and create the ice sculptures of the Olympic Sochi 2014…

Yes, that was my final purpose and motivation! In Moscow, according to the initial program, the competition should be held on Red Square, but then it was moved to the territory of St. Basil’s Cathedral. If the first theme was Sports, then it has been devoted to the 450th anniversary of the St. Basil’s Cathedral construction. I worked all night on sketches. Stopped my choice on the iconography of the 16th century. It was Dionysus. I keep that drawing in my studio now. Dionysus holds a paintbrush in one hand and an icon in the other.

Were you allowed to use any color in sculptures?

No. Lights only.

You had worked with ice in different parts of the Earth …

Yes, I understand your hint. Ice around the world is different. Here in Siberia’s Yakutia it is strong, but turns out to be brittle. In Europe and West Russia it is much softer. That’s why it is possible to create whatever you want, any ice sculpture.

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