Yakut laika puppies, Ogonyok and Marishka.

Yakut laika puppies on the snow in Yakutsk, Siberia, Russia

Yakut laika puppies on the snow in Yakutsk, Siberia, Russia

In above pictures: my 3-month puppy, Ogonyok, on the left and Ajar Varlamov‘s 4-month Marishka on the right. Ogonyok is a boy, Marishka is a lady 🙂

In the morning I texted the sms to Ajar saying that I had received the PetLawn from my Los Angeles friends, who invented and started producing that product.

I said, if he would wish to see what it was, he might come to my place. He replied, “Sure. I will come and with my puppy, Marishka.” I, “Cool. I didn’t see her a long time ago. Besides, my Ogonyok will be happy to play with her outdoor.”

You know, Ajar is a big fan of photography. He always has his pro camera with him. When came to my place, he said, “Let me take pictures of it.” I offered, “Maybe, we will take the PetLawn outdoor as well. It would be cool to show the inventors their product on the snow in Siberia.”

We went out on the ice cover of the Lena River tributary. Our dogs played their usual games that might look like a fight from aside, but it wasn’t, they just played. When I ran forward with the PetLawn, they followed me. When I put the green grass bed on the snow, they continued to jump on each other.

Eventually, Ajar ordered his Marishka, “Na mesto” (Sit down!) and she sat down on the PetLawn and waited for his master to allow her to continue games. Later I tried to lay my Ogonyok on it, but he wanted to play with Marishka

That’s it. Weather was okey. Pretty warm, minus 36 degrees Celsius only.

See how our puppies played on the snow around the PetLawn in the Siberian city of Yakutsk at SiberianHuskies.co.

Photographs by Ajar Varlamov.

What is the PetLawn?

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