Andrey I is constructing Yakutsk Ice Labyrinth

Yakutsk Ice Labyrinth. By Andrey I.

Andrey I and his Navigator studio’s previous attepmt to build the world’s biggest stalagmite, unfortunately, failed. Yakutsk Office of Public Prosecutor prohibited them to build it presuming the man-created stalagmite might be unsafe and, if it fell, many people could be injured. In other words, prosecutors didn’t believe in Andrey I’s project and decided to prevent its construction just in case. Whatever prosecutors say, Mr. I will resume his attempt the next year.

Meanwhile, he continued creating another amazing ice construction. In short, it is Yakutsk Ice Labyrinth (see the above picture), but they call it as Speleolabyrinth. Currently they finished trenches and are about to build up inner walls.

This morning I visited the ice labyrinth located near Microdistrict 202, where I live. I was strolling with my blue-eyed Yakut laika puppy. You can see that funny dog in the below video, in which I am showing the path from the labyrinth entrance to its center… Oops, think Andrey I will kill me for his disclosed secret, but I couldn’t stop myself. It was pretty interesting to follow trenches and see how to get to the final destination.

It’s me talking in background. My English is not perfect, I know, so don’t criticize me severely 🙂

I like what Andrey I is doing. I will try to follow all his interesting projects and write about them in posts tagged as Andrey I.

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