Hublot Geneve is offering a $3 million watch with Yakutian diamonds!

A $3 million Hublot Geneve BB Watch with Yakutian diamonds

A $3 million Hublot Geneve BB Watch with Yakutian diamonds

This week Hublot Geneve, the Swiss watchmaker, presented the 2 MILLION € BB watch with Yakutian diamonds.

More than 140 carats. 637 baguette diamonds. 1 rose cut diamond on the crown. As the company says, a Vendôme Tourbillon movement to appeal to more expert eyes.

All diamonds were mined and polished in Yakutia. The way to go! Yakutian diamonds are worth to rock the world!

«This is a unique piece, a one-off, an even wilder gamble, a breathtaking expression of expertise providing a level of purity, colour, cut, finish and uniformity of the whole piece which is a truly rare feat,» says Hublot Geneve.

«More than 13,000 hours were needed to cut the stones (with 45 gemcutters working non-stop for 1 month), which then took 2,000 hours to set.»

«Each diamond in the piece could adorn a ring. Those set in the centre of the wristlet weight more than 0.40 carats.»


A secret project, the 2 MILLION € BB started life as a simple design hand-sketched around the table in Jean-Claude Biver’s office at the Hublot stand at BaselWorld last year, as a «lighthearted confidential challenge» between Hublot’s CEO and our master gemstone setters. Finished the day before BaselWorld 2011 opened, it would take no less than 12 months to bring this exceptional piece to life, made up of 637 baguette diamonds and a rose cut diamond on the crown, and featuring a Vendôme Tourbillon movement to appeal to lovers of fine watchmaking.

A tour de force of patience and perfection, it was a long process. It consisted firstly of bringing the gemstones together, selecting them one by one to achieve perfect uniformity in terms of purity and colour (the diamonds selected by Hublot are of a remarkable quality, with colour graded as TOP WESSELTON and clarity of A VVS), then cutting each of them to the technical designs of the piece, and finishing by patiently setting each of them in a «Clou de Paris» setting, an extremely meticulous process, taking the master gemstone setters 9 months.

All the diamonds used in this watch come from the same mine, located in Yakutia in the Russian Far East, on the same latitude as Beijing and a 9-hour flight from Moscow. More than 270 carats of rough diamonds were chosen from a lot of 1500 carats, and from these the stones used were selected. For about a month, the expert hands of 45 gemcutters worked hard to create 637 baguette diamonds, totalling just over 141 carats..

Today, at BASELWORLD 2011, the result is something which surpasses all expectations, a piece which crystallises the considerable creative and emotional investment, rendering it a true masterpiece, a perfect symbol of the fusion between jewellery and watchmaking.

Before going on to achieve its ultimate destiny, as hinted at by the two little Vendôme columns on its dial which symbolise the most beautiful place in the world, the ultimate symbol of international luxury, the piece shall first go on display in the Hublot boutique at 10 Place Vendôme. A celebration of the creativity, ingenuity, skill, confidence, madness, perseverance and passion… needed to make the wildest dreams a reality.

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