11 summer photo stories about the Lena River ( Yakutia / Russia) you might have missed

the Lena River and Stone Trees by Masha Vasilieva

The Lena Pillars in Yakutia, Siberia, Russia. By Masha Vasilieva.

Ah, summer! It’s, indeed, at hand. It will arrive the next week. June 1st is the official start of the Lena River navigation, but it’s not the point. The important thing is that in summer we will enjoy our major river at its best.

Today I found out that the eYakutia — English Yakutia blog has 29 published posts related and dedicated to the Lena River. Amazed! Elected 11 photo stories worth to see!

Check them all and enjoy the mighty Lena River!

Lena River Views:

1. Waiting for summer in Yakutia/Siberia
Frankly, that’s what I am feeling now. Craving for summer and opportunity to enjoy the Lena River in summer. Here you can see Masha Vasilieva’s summer pictures.

2. Love the Lena River’s being different
Indeed, the same place, the same day, but the Lena River is different all the time. Pictures were taken near the place called Elanka, south off Yakutsk.

3. Fishing on the Lena River – the area of Tabaga Cape
Even when it’s a rainy day, the river looks awesome!

River cruises to Lena Pillars (also known as Stone Trees on the Lena River):

4. The Stone Pillars of the Lena River in Yakutia
Pictures of the famous Lena Pillars located on the river bank south off Yakutsk. One day on one way by a cruise ship.

5. A river cruise to Lena Pillars by Mechanic Koulibin
Ajar Varlamov’s photographs. He travelled with elders on an old passenger ship «Mechanic Koulibin.» Fascinating pictures though.

6. The Lena River cruise ship “Demian Bednyj” – preparation for summer travels. 64 Photos.
See how the major cruise ship “Demian Bednyj” is prepared for summer navigation on the Lena River. Like its crew, its members are very devoted to the Lena River and their job. Respect to them.

7. Guess the 1st passengers of the 1st river journey on Demian Bednyj?
Take a look at photographs. These people are always the first passengers on the cruise ship. Guess who and why.

Central part of the Lena River and its tributaries:

8. Travelling the Buotama River estuary in summer 2010, Yakutia, Siberia/Russia
The Buotama River is a Lena River tributary. It has also stone pillars. A great place to raft from its estuary to the main waterway.

9. Summer in Kobyaj w/ amazing fishing, exciting rafting…
Central Yakutia with the Lena River at its best.

The Lena Delta:

10. Living in Tiksi. By Pavel Kolínský.
The northernmost settlement on the Lena River. That’s Tiksi. Check how people live in Russia’s Arctic port.

11. Fishermen at the Lena Delta, Yakutia’s Arctic
Another post with Pavel Kolínský’s photographs. This time with fishermen.

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