Video: Georges Méliès’ silent films with the Yakut khomus (Jew-s Harp) music in Yakutsk

This is the video from the Live Music of the Silent Film event arranged by Kostas Danilov for cine amateurs in EPL’s Diamond House Cafe in Yakutsk (Yakutia / Russia) a couple of weeks ago.

The event was done in the form of Georges Méliès‘ silent films demonstration. But how to watch his movies without music? And what type of music do Yakutians love? Certainly, the one performed by a Yakut khomus (also known as Jew’s-harp.)

So, organizers decided to make Georges Méliès’ pictures more close to people. In the vid, you can see and listen to how Olga Podluzhnaya and Strana 03 perform on a Yakut khomus and drums.


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