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Yakutsk Virtual Tour Demo at VisitYakutia.com

Yakutsk Virtual Tour Demo at VisitYakutia.com

The beginning of this week is amazingly full of interesting startups. On Monday, I wrote about YakutiArt’s Yakutia Wild Life comic strip project.

This time I am proud to announce the appearance of the new project called Yakutia Virtual Travel Guide. Check it at VisitYakutia.com.

On that resource, you will be able to see Yakutsk, the administrative center of Russia’s Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and walk across the city virtually.

Use arrows «<" and ">» to turn around. Choose places to view in the navigation bar located at the right top or on the map at the left top. You can also click on the white sphere you see in a image and teleport into that spot. Enjoy!

It’s only the demo. The virtualization of Yakutia is just started and it will be intigrated in the bilingual Yakutia Travel Guide website VisitYakutia.com. We need your support. Please, share the news!

By the way, the project is done in cooperation with Egor Fedorov, the almighty Yakutsk-based website developer and founder of PicaRus Studio.

PS. Yesterday, we installed the analytics… and, you know what, more than 1100 unique visitors from 35 nations for one day!

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