A Yakut artist, Olga Monastyreva, & her husband opened the Art Station in Belgium

On July 15th, 2011, a Yakutian artist, Olga Monastyreva, & her husband, Patrick Stoop, have officially open the Artepol art galley inside the restored station in Lissewege, Belgium. Actually, what they created might be called the Art Station.

Here is the story. In late 2008, Olga Monastyreva and Patrick Stoop bought the old non-performing railway station in Bruges, a medieval village in Lissewege, known as one of the most authentic and beautifully preserved village of Flandrii.

The station was built in 1900 and is protected as an architectural monument. In Belgium there is a strict attitude to the restoration of architectural monuments. Olga and Patrick spent one year on paperwork and two years on restoration.

Finally, on July 15th, 2011, the station opened its doors and appeared to the public as a big beautiful art gallery called Artepol.

The first floor is the exhibition hall. Olga’s art workshop is located on the second floor, and hotel rooms on the third.

At the gala opening of the gallery, Bruges mayor, Patrick Moenaert, thanked the spouses for their initiative and supporting Flemish architectural traditions.

The gallery can host exhibitions, chamber concerts, book presentations, and many other cultural events.

See also a TV report about the art gallery opening.

Contact: www.artepol.be, olga@artepol.be
Address: Stationsstraat 18 8380 Lissewege Belgium.
Facebook Page: Artepol — Art Station Lissewege

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