Ayarkhaan’s khomus music performance in London, UK

Good news for world music admirers and fans of the Ayarkhaan trio. July 24, 2011, Albina Degtyareva‘s Ayarkhaan Trio performed at the BBC Proms (Royal Albert Hall) in London, UK.

«Three Sakha women from Siberia blew the audience away with their unearthly sounds of jew’s harp and animal imitation. It was truly amazing,» Misha Maltsev reports.

They didn’t wear Yakut national costumes, as they used to do before.

Instead, three little Siberian young women looking dignified in their black suites come on stage with their seems-to-be-weird music. Bang. «They came, they played, proudly walked away and the people were left open mouthed, puzzled, stunned, confused — but all were moved,» Misha says.

You can listen their interview and khomus music at http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplay​er/episode/b012r8cv/BBC_Pr​oms_2011_Prom_11_Human_Pla​net_Part_2/.

The above video was recorded a few months ago.

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