Elanka, a lost village on the Lena River in Yakutia, Russia

The village of Elanka on the Lena River, Yakutia, Russia

The village of Elanka on the Lena River, Yakutia, Russia

In June, Ilya Kovyakin, a friend of mine from Magadan, asked me to help him with fishing on the Lena River and travelling to Lena Pillars. He said, he would wish to do that in the course of 3 days. I was like, «My god, I am not a fisherman, I don’t have a boat, and I’ve heard that great fishing might happen in far away places… So…»

Eventually, the idea arrived… Everything might be done on the way from Yakutsk to Lena Pillars with visiting three places and for three days. The route is Elanka — the camp at the Buotama River (the Lena River tributary) — Lena Pillars.

The miracle happened. On the first day, Ilya with his family and Ajar Varlamov drove on his 4wd from Yakutsk to Elanka. The drive took 4.5 hrs. At that place, they rented rooms in Arinosov’s house (800 rubles per person) and did what they wanted. Ilya fished, his family members enjoyed nature, and Ajar took as many photographs as possible.

Below, please, see Ajar’s photographs. Beautiful, aren’t they?

About Elanka

Elanka is the village located south off Yakutsk. As said above, it takes max. 4.5 hrs to get to that place.

Centuries ago, Elanka was a big settlement used mainly as a key postal station in the chain connecting Yakutsk and the mainland.

When Gorbachev’s perestroika started in the 80s and the USSR got collapsing, almost all inhabitants moved from that place. The village became abandoned. Looked more like a ghost. Two elders were left only to live on in Elanka.

A few years ago, people realized, the area of the Elanka village was an awesome, perfect place for… spending weekends. Nature is beautiful. Good fishing is provided. And many other advantages of country life.

Finally, Elanka turned out to be a lovely travel destination for Yakutsk dwellers. Yakutia’s Ministry of Tourism said, «We need to help villagers to develop tourism.» The authority granted Mr. Arinosov (one of left villagers) with funds to construct a guest house and some other objects.

Is Elanka overcrowded now? No, it’s still a lost-looking place.

That’s the story.

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  1. Прикольно написал. Единственно, что я не увидел еланку умирающей. Вполне себеничего деревня. Приезжай к нам, покажу тебе действительнт уникальные умирающие поселки!!!

  2. Илья, года три-четыре назад эта была, действительно, заброшенная деревня. Сейчас она стала излюбленным местом отдыха горожан. Некоторые даже построили там дачи 🙂